Thanks to Janne I found a rad feminist post about Joss Whedon as a racist and rapist. This made me spend a few precious sleepless hours watching Firefly. I’m female, feminist, heterosexual, and monogamous.

First of all, the writer makes the assumption that it is the objective of any fiction writer to write utopies.
Why else list point after point about how Firefly displays a less than perfectly equal society, and jump to the conclusion that this is how the author wants people to act and how he treats his significant other?
(I suppose dystopies have the approval stamp too, the relentless depiction of how horrible it is and forever will be, but I can not be sure)

The thing is, neither utopies or dystopies work, narratively speaking. They are just not very entertaining. A story needs conflict, development.  The viewer or reader needs characters with both streangths and weaknesses to relate, to engage in the story. The world needs to be flaud, but with hope. Much like our own life, so we can test our own morals and experiences against that of the fictions.

At first, I also raise my eye-brows at the high end prostitute/geisha/concubine/escort/callgirl/companion… What a fantasy, eh?! I didn’t find the concept very believable. I figured that the chosing-of-clients must be less than profitable and not very realistic. However, my interest was awakened when I came across several points of criticism towards the proffession, (to mention one the captain, Mal, implies that the "energy" the companion bases her choice on might come from the clients bank account). So to let this role explore the whore/madonna concept seams rather progressive to me, actually.

But  yeah, the camera eye seems very male at times. How much of a problem that is, is up to each and every one, but I’m perfectly fine with both women and men being visually attractive, horny AND competent.


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  1. vargen replied:

    ‘fairy pointed me here and I wanted to thank you for this. 🙂


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